sharapova does doha and she’s in (a) penthouse


Maria Sharapova totes Fendi on one arm, slings her gold Prince bag over the other, and cradles her Sony Ericsson phone. Oh, the burden of celebrity!

She scheduled to compete in this week’s Qatar Open as the fourth seed.

(I’m not sure if that’s the actual link to the tourney website. If it is, then FYI webmaster: there are all kinds of things wrong with it.)

New digs: Haaretz reports that Masha bought a 350-square-meter luxury penthouse for 7.5 million Israeli shekels ($2 million). With all her commitments in the Middle East, it’s about time she got a place nearby.

(via Open Court; photo via Getty Images)


  1. re qatar open’s website….you got the right website…you would think that with 2.5 mil prize money, they can afford to hire a professional to do it. It reminds me of my school project back in 1996.

  2. Also re: Qatar Open site, you’d like to think they could spell the No. 3 seed’s name correctly too. Ivanoic, eh? Yipes.


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