delray beach’s volley girls


The organizers of the Delray Beach International Tennis Championships, being held this week in Delray Beach, Fla, decided to up the “cool” factor of their already cool tournament by looking for Volley Girls:

They’re: athletic ‘lookers’, sports-lovers (preferably tennis), enthusiastic go-getters, with a whole lot of spunk, wit, charm, and ABOVE ALL…MUST be educated in the field of “How to have an AWESOME time, ALL the time 101″

Can you break dance? Sing a capella? Run a 4-minute mile? Lick your elbow? If so, we want to know about it. No, we’re not looking for “America’s Next” anything, nor are we looking for the average pom-poming cheerleader…heck, we’re above that. We’re looking for VolleyGirls™.

Wow, this reads as if penned by Vince Spadea. But grammar aside (and I’ve been known to commit copy faux pas myself), these are the ladies who fit the bill.

Love the dress, but the shoes aren’t doing it for me…

Some props: I have to hand it to the ITC for having a URL for their tourney unrelated to the event’s name — This is a robust branding strategy that can survive changes in ownership, sponsorship, host venue, etc.

Scoreline: Rain has suspended some first round matches and delayed a few second round matches. Of the ones completed, second seed Tommy Haas (in his K-Swiss debut) lost to Diego Hartfield, and wild card Robby Ginepri, much to the delight of Lady Hooligan Kat, beat Mathieu Montcourt. Gineps will face fellow American (and Under Armour endorser) Michael Russell in the second round.

More: See another close-up of the ladies (plus their shoes) after the cut…




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  1. Okay wow. This is SO BAD. Sexist. Gross. When is tennis going to be above all this “sex is sport” crap?

  2. were these photos from the 80′s? that one in the middle is obviously the leader. take me to her.

  3. There is nothing sexist about these pics at all. Ever saw a team of cheerleaders? I find that far more sexist than just a few well dressed girls.

  4. I’m sorry… did you just say “Well dressed girls?”


  5. I think it’s “well-dressed” used loosely (hyuk) — he means that these VGs have more of their bodies covered up than an average cheerleader would.

  6. The ability to lick one’s elbow aside, this is just EWWWW.

  7. “But grammar aside….. these are the ladies who fit the bill.” Can someone criticize writing when the criticism comes with its own grammatical errors?

    I agree, the shoes don’t seem to make sense. Those need editing.

    And what is “EWWWW” about licking your elbow? I’m not following. I don’t think it’s sexually intended, unless you have other means (?), but more of an extraordinary/impossible talent? Running a 4-minute mile is pretty disgusting…

  8. touché


  1. [...] the Delray Beach ITC have amped up their non-traditional marketing techniques, following up their Volley Girls (no, but thanks) and their backcourt murals (five thumbs up) with the tournament’s first ever [...]

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