vegetarians, be warned…


The Australian Open men’s semifinal between Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Rafael Nadal will be 100% pure beef.

Their only meeting was in last year’s U.S. Open. Nadal won that one in straight sets.

Whet your appetite: More pictures after the cut…


Tsonga after his win against Mikhail Youzhny.



Rafa practicing before the start of the tournament (last week).

(photos by Getty Images)

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  1. Is it just me, or have things become a little more homo-erotic around here as of late, Erwin? Hey, I’m certainly not complaining!

  2. it’s happened before. cyclical, perhaps :)

  3. Actually, that is anabolic steroids, hGH and insulin.

    Not organic beef.

    You knew that.

    Oh, and plenty of EPO (Aranesp) and blood dope too.

  4. that is the most hilarious spam comment ever.

  5. I could learn about the human muscular system by looking at Nadal.

  6. Seriously, Danielle — I’d forgotten that the latissimus dorsi existed!

  7. Its okaii Nadal ur still mi hero even if u didnt win against Tsongo.. i still love u..

  8. Oh shit, bet the ball, be the ball. I want to be the ball.

  9. soooo hot!

  10. OH DEAR GOD. This makes me weak. Rafa is so buff it’s unreal. Ooooohhh, and the glossy sweat on his arms… *passes out*

  11. Nadal is a unit :D

  12. Tsongaaaaa says:

    OMG I am totally mad about Jo. When he’s playing there is nothing around me that can keep me away from my TV. I am in love with him. Oh I want to marry hiiiiiiiiiim. He is perfect.

  13. mmmh TSONGA. I’ve got a crush. Thanks for the beefcake :)

  14. Keep up the great work!.


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  2. [...] And this streaker, who made a statement at the Rotterdam final, is exactly why I am not vegan. Improper nutrition would lead me to do redundant things like writing “Vegan Streaker” on myself — as if the crowd could confuse me as a linesman. When he gets out of jail, can someone get him some beef! [...]

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