nole’s aussie open shirts?


More pics comin’ around of what the guys are wearing at the Aussie Open. This time, it’s Novak Djokovic‘s adidas kit — part of the Spring ’08 line we wrote about earlier.

While black/neo-blue might be harsh under the Australian Summer sun, it will work pretty well under the lights of the Rod Laver Arena. I like this colorway the best.

See the Edge Theme Polo + Crew after the cut…


The Edge Crew in white/neo-blue and black/white.


The Edge Theme Polo (aka the zippered collar) in white/neo-blue and black/white.

(via MTF; Nole photo by pwp)


  1. alex demiri says:

    edge crew white neo-blue boys sizes price and availability please

  2. How much is it?

    How can I get one?

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