davis cup: nole cracks me up again

I thought I’d already seen the best picture from this weekend’s Davis Cup ties. Apparently, I spoke too soon.

At Janko Tipsarevic‘s singles rubber against Lleyton Hewitt, this photo of Nole.

“Janko, this’ll be your treat if you help us win!”

Of course he got distracted instead, losing 2-6, 6-3, 6-4, 1-6, 1-6. It was good to see Lleyton pull out that win, though. (Unfortunately, the Aussie withdrew from the tie because of a viral infection.)

Full results here.

More pics of Janko and Nole after the cut.

Janko in a red kit from Fila.

Nole wears adidas.

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  1. Nole looks like he got buffer, and Janko is getting cuter!!!!!!!!

  2. Butter whats buffer?

  3. I’m starting to think maybe Nole is a bit of an exhibitionist? The look on his face is pretty priceless though. :)

    Thanks especially for the second pic of Janko–not for purely aesthetic reasons this time, but because he’s hitting such a wicked backhand at that moment! As an extremely novice tennis player myself, I can honestly say that *my* emerging talent for a double-handed backhand is mostly due to watching and imitating Janko. :) Hvala…

  4. kayiwa:
    buffer = he got more muscular

  5. “Janko, this’ll be your treat if you help us win!”

    LOL! Very funny!

  6. LOL, Nole *is* an exhibitionist there is no question about that.

  7. Perfect, Answer Butter,
    Do you think he goes in jim, massage?

  8. blueberry says:

    Nole’s face… XD
    Amo la foto!!!

  9. lawl lawl lawl lawl

  10. nole


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