fashion: in airness, davydenko defeated

Nikolay Davydenko lost in the second round of this week’s China Open to Marin Cilic. Still distracted by the match-fixing scandal, perhaps?

Are we really surprised? The Russian’s just been continuing with his playing pattern as of late: fall early in smaller tournaments and shine during the big ones (e.g., semis at Roland Garros and the U.S. Open this year). Unfortunately, he might have a more difficult time getting deep into 2008 tournaments, since he’ll likely lose his No. 4 ranking if he doesn’t defend his Paris title in November (which he won’t). Plus, he won five titles last year and none so far this year. Ugh.

But let’s talk about this new Airness kit for a sec. I love the white/blue colorway. If he wore one size smaller, it would look sooo much better. Also, he needs to stop buttoning his shirt all the way, but hey that’s his style.

Kolya wore the same polo in a black/red colorway in his first round win over American Zack Fleishman (6-3, 6-3).

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    Isn’t this pattern, though, the best possible evidence of match-fixing? There doesn’t seem to me to be a better reason for him to consistently lose early in smaller events and hang around till the quarters or better at EVERY MAJOR OF THE YEAR.

    On the other hand, his shoddy play could itself explain the strange betting patterns. . .

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    I think he just knows to play well during Slams. If he cut down on his schedule, I think he could go deeper into tournaments. He’s not injury-prone like the others, but he’s not as brilliant as Federer.

    As soon as Kolya finds the right scheduling formula, he’ll be better off….

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