spotted: vince spadea's backpack

At this year’s RCA Championships in Indianapolis, American (and fashion, ahem, trailblazer) Vince Spadea was sporting this lovely leopard-print tennis bag.

Do he and Bethanie Mattek shop at the same hooker palace or what?

>> Bethanie Mattek: it’s finally over!
>> vince spadea: at least he’s self-aware
>> fashion mishit: spadea’s bedazzling performance


  1. wow is that awful.

  2. The guy just walks to a different beat (or none at all?). I vol at the Indy tourney here yearly; you couldn’t miss that bag from a mile away. Of course he’d have it no other way.

  3. P.S. Haven’t read his book, but apparently he hates on James Blake. Anyone know what the deal is? Jealous? Jerky?

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