for the shirtless file: tipsarevic in fila

Janko Tipsarevic retired in the third set of his second-round match against Rafael Nadal. He’s been troubled by a rib muscle injury in the last few weeks and it came to a head at the Open.

The Fila-clad Serbian got some on-court treatment before deciding to end the match.

(photos by Getty Images)

>> tattoo (and piercings) watch: janko tipsarevic


  1. Cheese Whiz says:

    Can I get a Canon Power Shot wall of Shirtless Janko? Because that would so be working for me.

  2. Pity, how The Other Serb went out. He’s a great guy. And his tat rules.

  3. can i be his trainer?

  4. Looking for Canon Power Shot Camera

  5. Ritchie Perkins says:

    Janko would make a pitcure from any camera a Power Shot

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