fashion: peeling bethanie mattek's layers

Like with an onion, I’m crying as I peel off the layers of Bethanie Mattek‘s gold U.S. Open outfit by Bebe Sport. The pictures I’d posted a few days ago didn’t show the mesh detail on the torso.


(photo via AYA?)


  1. OMG, she may have caused US Open to be forbidden to be broadcast in certain countries. And I can’t help but repeat what you said: “Jesus.”

  2. Are these really off-the-rack Bebe Sport? Who the hell do they think will wear this???????????

  3. That is the uglies f-ing outfit i have ever seen on a tennis court.

  4. it’s not off-the-rack. it was designed for her, duh, shock value

  5. i love her outfits….im watchin womens tennis 4 her!!!

  6. OMG… she was wearing is not suitable for playing tennis

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