fashion: tuxedo for a reason

Roger refered to his black U.S. Open Nike outfit as tuxedo-esque not just because it was all black; he actually had satin stripes running down the sides of his shorts.

(tip via Craig, photo via Getty Images)


  1. Sorry, not a fan, though I’ll conceded it’s better than when Roddick had to wear that hideous Reebok NY skyline jumble.

  2. I loved it. Though it is “‘tux-esque” it’s looks great because the clothes are well tailored to Mr. Federer’s great athletic body. And he looks great in black (hello, Gilette ad…). I wish more men on the ATP would wear well tailored shirts and shorts while earning their paychecks.

  3. Well, some men on the tour can’t quite afford tailor-made gear. How long did it take for No. 4 Davydenko to even get a sponsor?

  4. love to see this in white! Roger + white tees= purrrfect!

  5. Maybe he can pair it with the white blazer… haha

  6. Todd: EVERYTHING is better than what Reebok had Roddick wearing that year. No wonder he’s now with Lacoste!

    Jon: It took Kolya a while, and he’s possibly the person losing it again by the end of the year.

  7. Vicky and Dre says:

    I’m sorry… Federer looks like some kind of low grade dominatrix in tht outfit… i mean, the shoes are like PVC and the satin stripes bring the outfit to an all time low. we feel personally offended when we see that outfit, its just wrong. Oh yea, and the black socks pulled up to practially his knees does not make us happy!!
    We sincerly apologise to all federer fans

  8. Sorry to all the folks who don’t like this tuxedo look but I think it is totally smart and HOT!

  9. Jose Antonio says:

    Great!. I just love this Nike tuxedo apparel. Does anybody know where I can get it?. Thank you.

  10. Jose Antonio: this outfit was custom-made for Roger and won’t be going on sale (at least not that I know of). But it’s nothing a roll of satin ribbon and a black pair of Nike shorts can’t mimic

  11. You are all cluless about tennis or style……the tux look is hot, and yes tennis players can wear their sox as high as they want!

  12. just when you think this guy cant be any more classy he rocks up in an outfit like that. AMAZING! his veriety is the best in the tour and best i eva seen sorry to the people with no fashion sense..

  13. one of best tennis player..
    he is very good looking..

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