lazy sunday

Quick pat on the back to Nole. He beat Roger Federer in a beautiful three-set match to nab his first Rogers Cup and second Masters Series title this year.

There’s a lot left to do before he gets the No. 1 ranking (or the No. 2 ranking, even). But we all know that when he gets there, it’s because he has the goods: no weaknesses, solid player, works well even under pressure.

Okay I’m off to a birthday party. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


  1. kgb1172 says

    I didn’t watch the entire match because I’m a bad tennis fan and love Roger at an unhealthy level, but I will hand it to Novak. Granted, Fed wasn’t playing his best tennis, but all that matters is the big W, and he deserved it. A very solid player and future number 1. Frankly I like him a whole lot more than Rafa, who I feel is always boasting and using gamesmanship.

  2. says

    Roger was playing pretty well. Djokovic just found a way to exploit the backhand (which is Federer’s weakeast weapon). I only caught the first two sets plus the first three games of the third. But it was all good. The first set tiebreak especially.

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