We get a new pair of eyes…

I’m naming Butter my official Marat Safin monitor.

Here’s an update on the Russian’s necklaces. Love the quote bubbles, B!

It’s making me crave some Archie Comics

>> men’s necklaces
>> david ferrer’s necklaces
>> janko tipsarevic’s necklaces
>> which one looks better on hewitt?


  1. ahaha…….wow E thanks for appreciating! ( coming from the best tennis blog on wordpress!) it’s quite awesome!

    I hope I don’t look like an obsess fan with all my Marat coverage! ahahahaha!

    Public announcement: I’m not obsess people! *mwuah*

  2. zzz777zzz says:

    thanks for posting it, eagle’s eye!
    keep an eye on Marat and let us all know what you’ve noticed…

  3. Gorgeus necklace!

  4. Love Marat..Love his neecklaces! :)

  5. love love love him. hot hot hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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