short balls: djokovic at the atp fashion show, pirate pants (again!), hello kitty


Struttin’: The men marked the opening of this year’s Rogers Cup, the first Tennis Masters Series of the summer hardcourt season, with a fashion show. Participants include Jonas Bjorkmann, Marcos Baghdatis, Jamie Murray, and Novak Djokovic (pictured). DTL hated Novak’s shirt, but I think it totally fits his personality. He’s the perfect player to rock petroleum-based fabric. What do you think? Tell us.

The tourney runs August 4-12. (Tennis Australia)

Are we really still talking about this?: THERE. IS. ROOM. FOR. BAGGY. PIRATE. PANTS. ON. A. TENNIS. COURT. Please stop complaining and let Rafa Nadal do his thing. (But I do agree that he doesn’t look so bad in actual shorts.)

(OT) Hello Kitty? Hell, yes!: Yep, you’re right. I’d totally be littering all the time if only to get some pink wristbands from the Thai government. (AP via CNN)


  1. Nole rocks!! He would be perfect to star in the sequel to Saturday Night Fever 2 by the way ;)

  2. I think Djokovic is super sexy in that shirt! All bare-chested and whatnot.

    And I have no problem at all with the baggy pirate pants. But could Nadal stand to buy a pair that fit him well enough that he doesn’t have to PICK HIS ASS BETWEEN EVERY POINT?! Dude already takes thirty-six minutes to serve, plus ass-picking time and my God I could watch 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY before he hits the ball!

  3. ahaha……..Nole you sexy beast! he looks funny in the shirt. I think he looks young to wear a shirt with that styling. But hey, it’s a fashion show and I guess if he wore this out to dinner minus that popped collar and bare chest, i think he’d be hotter! ;-)

  4. alexandra says:

    wow nole is way too hot! hahah he is such a funny guy i wish they would put a video of the ENTIRE show on the ineternet i wanted to see how he did the trovolta walk. i heard he also came out at the end of the show in just underwear! hahaha i’d pay to see that! i love nole!! he is probably the guy version of me.

  5. Great comment, Joshua! LOL
    I also LOOOVE the shirt… I can really see my hand running over his bare chest there and into the shirt we go… yum.

    On the pirate pants: I don’t really think they’re baggy (I mean baggy in a 50 Cent way). But it’s totally Rafa’s style. And he’s cool for not caring.
    About the ass-picking… oh my. He’s still a little boy inside, me thinks. LOL

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