fashion focus: u.s. open + polo ralph lauren, pt. 2

Now let’s take a peek at the clothes. Polo Ralph Lauren continues as the official clothing sponsor for this year’s U.S. Open.


Official outfits: That’s the official ballboy outfit on the left and the official lineman outfit on the right. I find the yellow/blue scheme hard on the eyes, but the collar on the track jacket is cute. Still, I prefer the RL grass court uniforms over these. (The Wimbledon collection, for both officials and non-, was just better.)

Other picks: I like the Striped Lisle Polo (shown in red) and the Custom Big Pony Polo (in blue). I’m really in love with the Big Pony logo…


Women’s: The linewoman outfit is on the right. Ho hum. The yellow diagonal stripe on the ballgirl skirt (top row, middle pic) is a nice touch.

Other picks: the orange Elena Polo, the Pony tee (with a Big Pony in gold!!) and the sleeveless pleated dress (also with gold pony).

Buy: As usual, all these items are for sale. Here’s the link.

What do you think of the collection? Tell us.

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  1. I am looking for the polo US Open 2007 shirt for men Blue/yellow in a size medium or large.
    With the writing US open on the right sleeve, probably short sleeves, thanks, please advise

  2. better then the uniforms we wear… ksiwss sponsers us and we look dreadful!!!

  3. khalil & breana says:

    we wold like to ask you is it would be okay if i/we could use uyour polo grafic for our tech fair.


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