psst paul smith: what about tennis?


Designer Paul Smith dipped into sports this year with some specialty soccer balls and a collection for the Tour de France.

Next year he should think about designing something for Roland Garros. Why should Fred Perry have all the fun, right? I’d recommend Wimbledon, but I think those two weeks in London are already saturated with fashion buzz…

(via Gen Art Pulse)

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  1. krupatel24 says

    Thats amazing – The print on the ball on the right makes Paul Smith so recognizable – He is truly such an inspirational designer as well as artist. I say artist because he is currently exhibiting the ‘Rubbish Bin Bunny’ at the Super Contemporary Exhibition and Its such a great design. When you drop rubbish into it – it’s ears light up :) … There’s actually also a ticket giveaway: … so if you fancy it let me know and will sort some tickets out for you.

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