wimbledon: volandri vs. kiefer

Correction: Apparently, recycled air gets to me more than I think, or the beginning of summer isn’t agreeing with me… or something. Because clearly I can’t read scorelines to save my life. Thanks to Bonifacio for pointing out that Volandri LOST to Kiefer in straight sets. Double le sad, because I was hoping to see more of his D&G gear at Wimbledon. Original post below.

Giant-killer Filippo Volandri translated his hot claycourt season (he beat Federer, remember?) onto grass with a straight-set win over German Nicolas Kiefer in the first round of Wimbledon…

..which is great and all, but we’re a little more interested in how he looked in his Dolce & Gabbana-designed outfit.

Let’s see the goods! Pictures after the cut…

Pleats, sir, may I have some more?

Glam girl Maria Sharapova graced the Wimbledon grass with this amazing take on her Nike 2007 summer dress:

The piece has two tiers of pleating attached from the waistline to the upper back. SlamXHype adds: “Maria’s favorite feature, a regal ruffled collar, adds the unexpected elegance of ‘pleating’ to her traditional tennis kit, giving it an almost angelic quality.” I think looks more “regal” than anything. Queen Elizabeth I?

It’s better than I’d imagined. What do you think of the outfit? Tell us.

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fashion focus: roger's shoes

Here’s a look at Roger Federer‘s shoes, this time from the back.

Nike includes another variation on the theme of “four” (for the number of times he’s won Wimbledon). This time, they used Swiss flags. Cute. And how very K-Swiss.

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after roddick’s dance, djokovic responds

Not to be outdone by Andy Roddick‘s show on Monday, Serbian ham Novak Djokovic performed his own version of the Wimbledon dance, splitting and bending every which way on the grass court. He won his first round match against (Hot) Potito Starace in straight sets.

I’m all about his shirt: adidas, his clothing sponsor, dressed him in a white crewneck with simple red trim.

Photos after the cut…

what happened to kuznetsova?

Okay, so I have to give Russian Svetlana Kuznetsova a pat on the back for trying something new at Wimbledon. First, she has her clothing sponsor Fila outfitting her with retro gear. We’ve been dying to see more of the label’s class red/white/blue scheme on the court, and they answered our prayers. (Off the court, they’ve already done this with the Settantatre collection, and I’ve gotten word that they have another stylish line launching later this year — we can’t wait!)

We love the headbands and the wristbands, but that hair is another story. She gets an “A” for effort, but I am not in love with this mash of braids, extensions, and cornrows:

On the left is Svetlana’s hair a few weeks ago at the French, and on the right is the current incarnation. (Btw, thanks to Off the Baseline for the tip.)

What do you think of her outfit? Of her hair? Tell us.

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roger federer: a better picture of his nike figurine + his biography

JNP sends us this Hypebeast link to the final version of Nike‘s Roger Federer toy (which we mentioned last week).

Hmm… Did Men’s Health help out designer Michael Lau with the toy? Because Roger’s shoulders look a little big to me…. Anyway, the figurines are available only through a Yahoo! HK auction (June 25-July 5) or by playing the Nike Pro Train Simulator (June 18-July 18).

What do you think of the toy? Tell us.

And just a reminder that the English translation of his latest unauthorized biography came out yesterday. Here are excerpts we’d previously published: a blurb about Roger’s friendship with Sampras, and another on his life with his girlfriend, Mirka Vavrinec. We also interviewed the author, Renee Stauffer, about his experience.

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short balls: why are old people so cranky?

(Check out the interview I did with BlogInterviewer.com yesterday about Tennis Served Fresh. Now onto the short balls:)

Emmo sticks to his guns: What’s that, Roy? You think showing personality on the court is tacky? You want us to just focus on the tennis? Sorry, bud. The sport wouldn’t survive in this YouTube world if we granted your wishes. (But I agree: if tennis stars keep making the news like this, I’d get ornery, too.) (The Sun)

Forget it: Frenchman Guy Forget makes a case against sleeveless shirts by taking a swipe at Rafael Nadal: “We don’t need construction worker arms in tennis”. Leave the kid alone! (Sydney Morning Herald)

Let’s celebrate the juniors: If you’d like to read up on the Wimbledon juniors’ draw, Zoo Tennis has something to say.

lleyton talks to the hand

A veteran wants another chance: Lleyton Hewitt (above) hopes to get back into the top of the ATP rankings, and wants his chance at taking down Roger Federer. Meanwhile, people are pushing for him to team up with Aussie coach Tony Roche. (SMH)

A mainstay disappears: The Argus reports that the LTA could scrap Eastbourne.

And so does the traditional service motion: Read up on how Andy Roddick and tennis’ other big servers have transformed how we start points. (New York Sun)

It’s lonely at the top: IHT writes a sweet story on Roger’s and Rafa’s rivalry. They have to stick together, because all they’ve got is each other.

OT: Today’s off-topic reading comes from the Los Angeles Times. Apparently, Lagos is the “New York of Nigeria“.

waitaminute… how could I have missed it?

I was drooling so much over in anticipation of Roger‘s look that I overlooked one significant piece of info: Rafa was clearly without pirate pants at last week’s Fortis Tennis Classic.

Is he retiring the Nike clamdiggers for the fortnight? We’ll find out later today…

(via Whine & Cheese)

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the sum of its parts: nike pulls out all the stops for roger's new outfit

Ok I’ll be the first to say that I don’t know why I can’t peel myself away from this Roger-mania. I really fell for whatever Nike‘s doing to keep up the buzz about his fashion sense.

To recap: until today, we’d only seen bits and pieces of his 2007 Wimbledon outfit. First I caught wind of the style of shirt he’d be wearing, and that they were to be paired with gold shoes. Then we saw the cap — embroidered with a monogrammed crest — at Satuday’s press conference. Then came the photo shoot with the the casual wear: blazer, pants, jumper, and bandana. And today he comes out with two match play shirts (one with an embroidered crest, the other with the gold stripes) and a crazy quilted bag. Jesus Christ there were so many layers to peel off. I couldn’t get enough of it.

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

The folks at SlamXHype gives us some close-ups of Roger’s bag. One side of the quilted-patterned duffel has the “RF” logo and the other has the Swoosh.

The quilted/gold motif carries on to Roger’s shoes. On the right, you can see how they look when they’re worn. See the rest: shorts, two shirts, the blazer, and white pants all after the cut…