forget about fashion: let's talk food and tech for a sec

Lest you think that I have nothing else on my mind besides tennis whites (that’s partially true), let’s turn to other Wimbledon-related topics:

GRUB: Elsanta, the “Pete Sampras” of strawberries, is the kind served in the world-famous Wimbledon dish. (On The Baseline)

TECH: MYiOTA announced that it will offer a service to mobile phone customers which will offer point-by-point updates at Wimbledon. I wonder how this will fare compared to what Alcatel did for the Mexican Open earlier this year. (via Pocket-lint)

TECH, pt. 2: The two show courts getting HawkEye technology will be rid of Cyclops. No longer will there be those annoying beeps that call out let cords. (via The Ocala Star-Banner)

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    The amount of traditions that have been kept intact at Wimbledon amazes me. Not only do they keep their sponsors’ logos off the court walls and continue to have their lines judges wear traditional garb, but they even serve a delicious dish that is time-honored at the Championships. The British really do know how to host a sporting event. Maybe having that NFL game in London next season isn’t such a bad idea after all.

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