djokovic does sharapova

If Nole spent less time hamming it up on the court, perhaps he would’ve gone deeper into The Artois this past week.

But hey we only live once. Here he is doing a HILARIOUS impersonation of Rafa Nadal, and Masha after that.

(via Operation Doubles)

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  1. Haha, made me laugh. :) Cool video. Nadal is easy to imitate, he has too many habits (some of them let’s say strange) on court.

  2. hes just so cute!!!

  3. hahaha that was so cute ^__________^

  4. I watched the video without sound at first, and I thought the Masha impersonation was Andy Roddick (the sticking-the-chest-out part). But then he took off his cap and sweatband and it didn’t make sense…

    Marija: I want to see Nole do Nadal’s rituals when he’s sitting down. How he has to drink from three different bottles of water (which have to have labels facing a certain way). How Kathy Bates from Misery!

  5. RoBBiEBoY says:

    I absolutely love this guy… he has GAME, on and off the court!!!

  6. What a good thought !!!
    It’s so hilarious :)

  7. not oscar worthy
    but hilarious =D

  8. Rosemary says:

    Bahahahhaha omg aahaha i LOVE how he does the wedgie part, he has such a great personality :)

  9. that was freakin hella super funny dude. thanks for the laugh, u rock!!! all u have to do to be rafa is grab ur ass but that’s what makes him different huh lol. Go Rafa!!

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