fashion: russian dressin’

French clothing sponsor Airness still has top Russian Nikolay “Kolya” Davydenko to help boost its international profile at Roland Garros this week.

They’re really taking care of him. They had him in four different shirts in Hamburg earlier this month, and now this black/orange number. I’m not in love with it, but it’s not atrocious.

What do you think about this color combination?

(Their other player, Nadia Petrova, crashed out in the first round yesterday. Her injured back contributed to her loss against qualifier Kveta Peschke, and will likely keep her out of Wimbledon, too.)

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  1. Maybe it’s just coincidence, but the black/orange combo works really well with the clay court. Do people take that into account when they’re choosing clothes? (i.e. no white on clay courts?)

  2. ruberdcky says:

    clearly they don’t. Serena’s pink, as much as we love it, doesn’t
    quite work with the red clay. (or so say the color theorists…)

  3. you should write an article about that! Famously bad colour choices for the court! Red on Green? orange on clay? Do people ever try to blend into the background to make it harder for their opponent to see them?

    Is all clay the same color?

  4. ruberdcky says:

    Yeah. That will be a mid-French Open (i.e., next week) post. Been thinking about a lot it, definitely. I don’t think they try to blend into the background, but who knows? People will take any edge they can get.

    And no, not all clay is the same color. French Open has red clay. Some american clay courts are green/grey.

  5. green/grey clay? that sounds HIDeous!

  6. I can’t think of a worse guy to sponsor clothes than Kolya (and I’m a fan of his).

    But as a fashion icon he makes a great… player.

  7. the shirt is not bad…

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