1. says

    did they use models as ball girls?

    I’m not sure. They might not be professional models, but you know they were hand-picked to fit in those teeny tiny uniforms

  2. Claire says

    those outfits are hot!! I being a previous ball girl for the rca tennis tournament in indy…what can I say we wore nothing like that!

    Reply: I wonder, though — would you have wanted to wear that if you were a ball girl?

  3. zola says

    uniform for next year: hat, shoes and glasses!

    Nah…, I think the focus should be on players.

    Reply: Zola, I don’t agree. I think we can dress the ballgirls better and still not take away from the players. We don’t pay an arm and a leg to get into a court and watch the ballgirls. We’d still be watching the players duke it out.

  4. says

    Wow those outfits ARE whooaa ahah

    I was a ballgirl at Indian Wells and our uniforms were boring compared to that.

    we were sponsored by FILA too :)

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