(OT) A step in the right direction

navratilova subaru ad A New York Times article debunks some car owner stereotypes — specifically, the one associating Miatas and Mini Coopers with the gays.

The conclusion? While we can afford two-seaters (no kids) and more expensive monthly payments (again, no kids), at the end of the day, we end up buying the same cars as everyone else.

…which isn’t to say that you won’t see the occasional blue Miata speeding down the main drag of your local Boys’ Town, its presence announced by the Deborah Cox song blaring from the speakers…

…which isn’t to say we aren’t grateful for Subaru: they led the pack of car manufacturers with direct advertising to gay consumers. Martina Navratilova began endorsing the brand in 2000. Other car companies have followed suit.

(via Gay Market News)

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