Davis Cup 2007

davis cup

The first round of the 96th Davis Cup starts on February 9. And for me, as much as this is a year-long battle of national prides, it’s also a showdown of fashion senses. Team uniforms add to the sense of team cohesion, especially because these guys are on their own for the rest of the year, each with their own individual sponsorship deals. The color palette usually follows that of the country flag — a challenge that can lead to plenty of hits and misses. In the next few weeks, I will be showing you the uniforms and outfits from the first tie.

tennis trophies

From tournaments in Tokyo (Pan-Pacific), Chile (Vina del Mar), Delray Beach (International Tennis Championships), and Zagreb (PBZ Zagreb Indoors).

The Japanese came up with some gorgeous mementos for Hingis and Ivanovic, and the enormity of the Zagreb trophy (Baghdatis got dwarfed!) is worth pointing out.

Pan Pacific Women’s Singles Final
Pan Pacific Open - Women’s Singles Final

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tennis trophies

I’ve had this fascination with tennis trophies ever since I saw the one they gave to Nikolay Davydenko after he won the Paris Masters last November:

davydenko's paris masters trophy

I’m not sure if this version of the photo does it justice, but it has this weird oxidized copper color and it looks like cubist coral or tree. Okay so maybe I’m a little biased (since I think Davydenko is hot, depending on the angle of camera), but I thought it was a cool trophy, and it made me curious about what else they give out–how many of them end up looking like generic mounds of glass, or silver cups, how many of them are trying to do something cooler and not so steeped in tennis tradition), etc. In this age of sleeveless shirts, round-robin tournaments, and courtside coaching, even the trophies are evolving.

Maybe the organizers of the Paris tournament just wanted to keep their Tennis Masters Series status. (Per the Tennis MailBag , Hamburg and Monte Carlo get downgraded for 2007.)

I’ll try to post the trophies once a week, especially if someone is handing out something pretty.

(photo via Getty Images)

Conan O'Brien d. Serena Williams

…playing Wii Tennis. They played last night on his show, and Conan won! Goes to show that the subtleties of actual tennis do not necessarily translate into playing the Wii version. Although timing works to help with controlling shots to go down the line and cross court (including inside out shots), wrist flicks are much more powerful with the Wii compared to the real thing. Unless you’re Monica Seles.

Link to a vid clip here (from Kotaku)