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Anna Kournikova - from the Grand Haven Tribune

Ok, so I’ve just been living under a cave, perhaps, because who knew that Anna Kournikova still makes the news regularly! And not for stupid things like dying in the Bahamas or grabbing clippers from a hairdresser and then shaving her own head. She’s in the news for raising money and awareness for good causes, and for smart business decisions.

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wii tennis outfits

wii tennis from city magazine

City Magazine harnessed the popularity of Wii Tennis and has pushed it in a new fashion direction. The hypothetical puts a Mii into real life shopping hands, getting a makeover that includes a Ralph Lauren vest and a Lacoste tennis dress. That map dress is kinda crazy, but I can totally see some of the WTA gals wearing it to practice.

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davydenko’s endorsement with ‘aimess’


Poor thing. Even with the backing of tennis journalist Jon Wertheim, russian Nikolay Davydenko can’t get a media break (not that he really wants one). Jon wanted to give Nikolay his due with a version of the Tennis Mailbag devoted solely to this underappreciated top fiver. It took an extra week to get the issue up on the site, and even then, Jon effed up; Nikolay’s endorsement is with a brand called Airness, not Aimess. Yeah, that’s AIRNESS (incorrect) vs. AIMESS (correct). Even the most advanced copy editor could’ve missed that. (I had to do a few double-takes myself).

I only did some light googling to fact-check, so please write me if I’m going crazy (i.e., aimess actually exists).

more information about Airness here.

short balls: lacoste in dubai, etc.

from ronnyg's flickr
From ronnyg’s flickr

Lacoste sponsors a children’s clinic at the Dubai Duty Free Women’s Open this week. It’s just an article from a press release, but a few factoids: The crocodile logo came from a wager that Lacoste made with his team captain that if a certain match was won, the captain would buy him an alligator suitcase. Alligator turned into crocodile, and there you have it. His logo was the first ever used on the outside of a shirt. He also invented the ball machine and the first steel tennis racquet. (via Dubai City Guide)

And Orange County Register‘s Jeff Miller expounds on the ever-growing madness of clothing lines for athletes, including ping pong players and professional fishermen, and Anna Kournikova (she gets press, even in 2007!).

davis cup 2007, first round: switzerland vs. spain

Spain d. Switzerland, 3-1.

What should have been one of the most amazing first round ties (worthy of a tournament final) turned out to be page 8 news when the world’s no. 1 and 2 — Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal — pulled out. Nadal cited an injury (hip, I think), while Federer reasoned that his schedule would be too grueling with the addition of Davis Cup. So instead he spent his time in Dubai (his homebase) promoting a new five-blade men’s razor. wtf. For a snappy dresser who’s a wizard on the court, he can sure be a bore sometimes.

Ok, so now let’s talk to the men that were actually there: Fernando Verdasco lost his first singles match against against Chiudinelli, but turned it around against Bohli on Sunday. I’m exccited for them! Spain lost in the first rounds in 2005 and 2006. Now they can set their sights on winning the Cup, like they did in 2004 (Remember Moya?). They face the U.S. in the next round, in the United States. We all know that this tie will not be played on clay.

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tennis trophies

This week’s trophies — from tournaments in Brazil, Marseilles, Bangalore, San Jose, and Antwerp — range from simple (read: generic) to extravagant. Of course, I would be crazy not to highlight the Proximus Games’ diamond-encrusted tennis racket, a prize awarded to any player who wins the tournament 3 times in 5 years. Mauresmo achieved this feat this past Sunday:

The racket has 1,700 diamonds and is worth 1 million euro.

The rest of this week’s trophies are below the cut.

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davis cup 2007, first round: sweden vs. belarus

Sweden d. Belarus, 3-1.

Belarus’ amazing home record — they had been undefeated in home ties since 1995 — was tarnished when both Max Mirnyi and Vladimir Voltchkov lost their singles matches on Friday. Johansson beat Mirnyi 6-4, 6-4, 6-4 and Soderling took down Voltchkov. While the Belarussians won the doubles match on Saturday, the Swede Soderling took down the gigantic Mirnyi on Sunday, ending the tie with a 3-1 victory against the Belarussians.

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moya and nalbandian: exhibition


I just love this photo… it captures the things I love about the perfect tennis match: carving out an intimate setting amid all the hustle and bustle of the city, getting the crowds up close and personal (though I don’t know about sitting on the ground next to the sidelines), and having two of top players in the world duke it out.

The exhibition was set up to promote the ATP stop in Buenos Aires (Feb. 18-25).

battle of legends


Two early 20th century tennis legends are still duking it out in 2007. Fred Perry and Rene Lacoste faced each other today in San Jose… each donned by the Andys — Murray and Roddick, respectively. And while Fred Perry-clad Murray came out on top with a 7-6 (10-8), 6-4 win, we need to discuss who won the equally-important clash of clothing sponsors:

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